Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love Hip Hop Miami #LHHMIA Season 1 Ep. 4 “Fashion Victims”

The latest episode of Love and Hip Hop Miami was drama filled. Who knew South Beach would have all the drama and BS.

Amara really needs to evaluate who she calls her friend because these chicks really tried the situation. The only one with a bit of sense was Juju. Pleasure P really ignored the fact he had two chicks at one event, he didn’t talk to either one of them and just dipped out of town. If Gun Play know like I know he might want to pay more attention to Miami Tip, she may have a plan up her sleeve. Trick Daddy is not here for Trina meddling in his love life with her cousin Joy. Plus poor Shay wig was literally snaatched!. Check out the top 5 ratchet moments below.

Bobby confronts Jefferey about receiving gifts from his Ex

Liz bleaches Prince clothes

Miami Tip recruits Keyara to be the leading lady in her video

Jojo walks out on Veronica, Steph, and Young Hollywood for talking down about Amara

Shay and Gabby come to blows again



Author: kgfranklin