Cardi B’s Gang Beef Forces L.A. Nightclubs to Call in Armed Backup

Cardi B’s feud with the Crips is setting off a red alert. Just to refresh your mind, Cardi made a post on IG rocking all blue. If you have been following the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has openly claimed to was affiliated with the bloods. Well in the picture rocking an all blue fur coat she captioned the picture , “I hate wearing Flue.” The Crips felt some type of way an addressed Cardi. Check out the clip below.

Since the viral video was post Cardi has changed the captioned and a few phone calls were made. Cardi B will soon be in LA for All Star weekend and the 3 L.A. nightclubs where she’s
appearing at to perform are amping up the armed security.

What are your thoughts tea sippers?



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