Jill Scott Drunk & Emotional Amidst Messy Divorce

We’ve all had one of those drunken snap chat nights. Well Jill Scott has fail victim to those drunken antics in the latest viral video clip. Jill appeared to have on too many drinks while reliving her evening before filming. Jill said;

It started off so good. And then, Fuffie gave me some more to drink and I drank it. Uhhhhh, Saturday night 

See the video.

Of course everyone is speculating Jill’s recent divorce sparked the drunken moment. Her estranged husband wants half of their marital assets PLUS $500,000 for “alleged pain and suffering.” If that doesn’t cause someone to drink, I don’t know what else will.

Jill Scott later took to her IG to explain the video.



Author: kgfranklin