Raven Symone Calls Out Rappers Via Instagram, T.I. Responds

Pictures from the Roc Nation Grammy brunch are still in circulation weeks after the occasion. Well one photo that gained viral traction had to be the picture with Jay Z, Diddy, DJ Khaled, Yo Gotti and a few more of your favorite rappers. Raven Symone took to her IG re-posting a screen shot from Speech, actor from Arrested Development, along with a caption about how these guys became rich and successful by perpetuating the worst black stereotype

After a few “I’m not really black” statements Raven has made in the past her credibility with the black community has been very shaky. Everyone took to her IG comments to make their points of why she was wrong for agreeing with such a statement. Check out some reactions below.

T.I., who’s IN the picture, responded to Raven by posting the following Oscar Wilde quote, “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”

Raven has since deleted the picture but still agrees with the meaning. Tea sippers do you agree that Jay Z and other notable rappers continue to promote some of the worst stereotypes of black men and women?



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