Woman claims Trey Songz smacked her During Party

Trey Songz is really lowkey the bad boy of R & B but people tend to over look his actions. While in Los Angles for All-Star Weekend, Trey Songz allegedly had an incident with a woman in a the club. She accused Trey of striking her while they were partying. According to her Trey Songz was upset she was giving her time of day to another man, which caused him to hit her in the face. Her injuries were very minor but she went to the hospital on her own and made a report to the police.

The case is under review and the L.A. City Attorney has to determine if Songz is going to face charges or not.The ruling may not be in Trey’s favor since this is not his first incident with smacking a woman. If you remember back in December a woman claimed Trey smacked a phone out of her hand in a club.

Trey Songz has yet to comment on the situation. What are your thoughts tea sippers?



Author: kgfranklin