DJ Envy In Heated Breakfast Club Interview With Desus & Mero

DJ Envy is the hot topic this morning but not for another cheating scandle. The Power 105 radio personality felt the need to check Desus and Mero for disrespecting his wife. They couple have been together since he was 15 years old, being involved for that long period of time cause with ups and downs.

Recently Envy and his wife Gia were hot topics on Desus And Mero Vice show and the two made a few jokes about Gia only being with Envy for the checks. DJ Envy did not respect called the guys out in a recent interview on the Breakfast Club;

“You owe my wife an apology for insinuating that she was here for the check. You can talk about me all day. You can make jokes about me, but when it comes to my wife and my family there’s no ‘but.”

Watch below. Did Envy over react or nah tea sippers?

Did DJ Envy Overreact To Desus & Mero's Joke About His Wife?



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