Kendrick Lamar Brought a White Woman Onstage to Rap His Song, But She Dropped N-Words

Over the weekend while hitting the stage in Alabama Kendrick Lamar opened the stage for a fan to hit the stage with him while performiong his hit record “M.A.A.D. City.” Everything was all good until Delaney hit the stage and said almost every N Word in the chorus,the crowd began to boo and K Dot immediately stopped her to inform Delaney if she was to continue to sing she would have to censor herself.

By now, white people should have this rule implanted in their brains: When they are singing along to a rap song in public, SKIP THE N-WORDS. But somehow, even in 2018, some people still didn’t get the memo. She apologized, so he let her try again. She skipped the N-words this time, but she got tripped up, so he cut her off.

Tea sippers do you think Kendrick shares the same blame for bringing Delaney on stage to perform a song filled with the N word? Comment below Watch below.



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