The NFL Is Reportedly Considering a 15-Yard Penalty for Teams Whose Players Kneel for the National Anthem

Kneeling during the National Anthem is still a hot topic for the NFL after Colin Kaepernick begin his silent protest to kneel for the black lives that were taking due to the hands of police brutality since August 2016. Banned from playing Kaepernick still stood firm in his protest. The NFL owners want the players to STOP kneeling. So in attempt to prevent this from happening they are discussing new fines and penaltys to set in motion for anyone who is caught kneeling during the National Anthem.

Shocking right tea sippers!

One idea is a 15-yard penalty for any team whose players kneel during the Anthem. Other possibilities include: Allowing each team to implement its own policy, clearing the field of all football personnel while the Anthem is played, instructing players who don’t want to stand to remain in the locker room, slapping fines on players who don’t stand, adding language in contracts to
FORCE them to stand, or just leaving the current policy in place.

The league’s current policy is that players “should” stand  for the anthem but are NOT required.

Social media brought up the fact the Tim Tebow took the same stance for abortions back in 2012 and nothing was done. hmmmm



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