CTT Insider: AEX Culture Fest

The city of Alexandria creatives are teaming together to take back the control of the culture in central Louisiana. The city is home to many talented and forwarded thinking individuals. Instead of complaining about the lack of culture in the city, the crew have band together to create and define their city, hence the name AEX Creatives. Included in the group are Future 106 Online Radio, Sankofa Cultural Collective, poets, rappers, painters, artist and so much more. James, Sankofa representive speaks more about AEX Creatives below.

The creatives have made a name for themselves by creating moments in time with united photos. The first photo shoot was the AEX Blackout for Black History.

To recreate that moment in time the creatives team together for their AEX Culture Fest photoshoot. The artist capture their idea of the 80’s.

The photo is to promote the groups upcoming event AEX Culture Fest August 4th.



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