Teyana Taylor Says She Will No Longer Be on the “Later That Night” Tour

Teyana went on a Twitter rant this afternoon expressing how she has been “extremely mistreated” by singer Jeremih. The two announced they were going on their Later That Night Tour in mid-July. The tour kicked off earlier this month in Tampa, Florida. Things seemed to be going well until Teyana took to Twitter and spilled the tea on how she’s been getting treated since the tour started. This is what she had to say: She also had a few things to say about Jeremih personally- calling him lazy, sneaky, jealous and conniving.Teyana apologized to the fans who have already purchased tickets for the upcoming shows and promised refunds; she also says she plans to drop her own tour dates soon.

Would you be here for a solo Teyana Taylor tour? Let us know, tea sippers!



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