Cosby Show Star, Geoffrey Owens Offered TV Role From Tyler Perry

Last week, a photo of TV actor Geoffrey Owens went viral after someone took a picture of him during his shift at Trader Joe’s.

Most of us remember Geoffrey from the hit 80s sitcom, The Cosby Show when he played the role of Elvin, Sondra’s husband. Since then, he guest starred in other sitcoms and began teaching acting classes for broadway.

However, having a consistent gig in acting can be challenging and Geoffrey is not the first actor to have to find another source of income.

While some individuals tried to shame him for making an honest living, many have praised him for his hard-work and taking care of his family. Among the millions that have applauded him is none other than Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry sent out a tweet stating he respects Owens and is willing to offer him a job in his upcoming drama series.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Mr. Owens! What are your thoughts, tea sippers? Do you commend Tyler Perry on reaching out to him? Let us know!



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