Bun B Gets Into An Altercation to Protect His Wife

Not sure why people feel they can get over on Texas rapper Bun B. Just because he’s a college professor does not mean he is not about that life. According to @somelikeithaute__;

Rapper and southern music legend Bun B got into a shootout with an intruder who tried to rob his wife. TMZ reports that around 5:45 Tuesday evening, Bun B’s wife opened the door, after hearing a knock, where she was approached by a masked man holding a gun.

Bun B heard the commotion from upstairs and grabbed his gun. Several hours later, the masked man showed up at a Houston area hospital with a gunshot injury to his shoulder where he was treated then arrested for 2 counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary.

Protect your family at all cost tea sippers.



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