Soulja Boy Going to Jail for 240 Days

Tea sippers Big Draco was shook in court. According to @somelikeithaute__:

19 days after being arrested for violating his probation @TMZ reports that a judge has sentenced @souljaboy #souljaboy to 240 days in jail (8 months), as well as 265 days’worth of community service. He’s reportedly been granted 40 days of time served behind ba The legal punishment Soulja Boy currently faces comes after a judge determined that he violated his probation terms related to a 2016 case where police found a weapon in his home. After authorities found ammunition in Soulja Boy’s California home this past February, Soulja Boy was arrested for probation violation on March 15. After an April 19 hearing for the case, a judge determined that Soulja had falsified evidence meant to indicate that he’d completed his required community service for his 2016 case. He’s been held in jail without bond since.



Author: Kimberly Franklin