Kyla Pratt Opens Up with 360 Magazine

Kyla Pratt has grown as a woman and is ready to share with her fans. The mother of two is now transitioning from beloved child star to a “leading actress.” We all have known her as as a little girl in DR Do Little, Penny Proud,One on One and many other films.

She opens with 360 Magazine;

One of the most arduous things to execute is to change the minds of the fans by convincing them that you are no longer a ‘kid’ anymore. The transition from kid star to leading actress can be challenging at times, but that wasn’t the case for her.

Kyla understands the power of reinvention. Thus, when she wasn’t in front of the camera, she was busy molding herself into an ingenue right before our eyes. Kyla has been heavily involved in private coaching and attending acting classes to perfect her acting skills. Concurrently, taking advanced yoga and pilates classes to mold her incredible body.

Debuting her new look to social media her bae let the world know he was feeling her new look.



Author: Kimberly Franklin