Cyn Santana and Joe Budden Call of Engagment

Chiiile sip this tea slow, According to some @somelikeithaute__ its over for LHHNY couple Joe and Cyn;

Cyn Santana has CALLED OFF her engagement to podcast host and rapper Joe Budden! Though they’ve been together for 2 years and share a son, Lexington, they’ve only been engaged for 4 months!!! The couple got into a massive fight earlier this week and fans began noticing on Thursday that Cyn had REMOVED all traces of Joe on her Instagram page and Joe has since been getting hit with questions about why Cyn deleted him from her page.

On a photo he posted earlier in the day speaking in front of a theater audience, “What you do to cyn ?” one concerned fan asked while another echoed “What the fuck did you do now Joseph?” THEY ALSO JUST UNFOLLOWED ONE ANOTHER ON INSTAGRAM!!!! THIS IS SERIOUS YA’LL!!!

What’s tea!!! I can’t believe the once happy couple are calling it quits!



Author: kgfranklin