Wendy Williams’ Mystery Guy is a 27-year-old Convicted Felon

Wendy Williams has moved all the way on from her ex husband Kevin Hunter. As reported on spillinthetea.com, Wendy was enjoying her new man while in Los Angles the past weekend. But the fun with him did not stop there, she brought him back to New York City.

According to Somelikeithaute,

Wendy Williams new boyfriend is a 27 year old fashion designer who was arrested a few years ago for robbery with a dangerous weapon. Wendy and her king size Snickers ankles doesnt seem to care though. He also sold drugs in high school and his name is Marc Tomblin and Wendy brought him back to her new home in New York

Wendy is unbothered is going to continue to live her best life, but word in the wind Marc may already have a girlfriend. Hmmmm Whats Tea!



Author: Kimberly Franklin