Did Safaree Cheat on Erica Mena with LHHMIA Cast Member?

This tea is piping hot tea sippers! Safaree was accused of cheating on Erica Mena recently, Of course the LHHNY reality star attempted to deny all allegations.

According to reports;

According to the model, Safaree has been cheating on his fiancé Erica – and she has receipts to prove it.

The beautiful exotical model Gabrielle released text messages that she claims proves Safaree’s being unfaithful to Erica.

In the messages, Safaree tries to get Gabrielle to meet up with him, even though he’s engaged to be married.

And Safaree is very thirsty in the messages – and disrespecting the hell out of Erica in the texts. The reality star tries to entice Gabrielle to give him a second chance by saying, “I’m not getting married. For the 10000th time.”

And it gets worse. Safaree tells Gabrielle that he “loves her” in the messages. An then he confirms his feelings towards her by saying, “I mean everything I say to you.”

Erica Mena sent her response via social media

Safaree took his apologies to social media

Do you see the two getting back together again tea sippers?



Author: Kimberly Franklin