Young Dro Arrested For Attacking Girlfriend With Banana Pudding

It shocking news tea sippers, it appears rapper Young Dro, who is best known for his 2006 summer hit ‘Shoulder Lean,’ has been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend with banana pudding! Whats tea!

According to reports;

We’re told the two had been arguing over money — but things got heated and the food started flying … with both sides launching whatever delicious items they could find at each other.

Cops were called to the scene — and despite the fact his GF made it clear she didn’t want to press charges, they arrested Dro anyway.

He’s now facing 2 counts of misdemeanor battery/family violence.

And get this tea sippers, the rapper is still being held in jail on back child support charges. He owes his other baby mama $41,000 and in order to bond out he must pay at least $10,000.

YIKES. What is the strangest thing you’ve weaponized against some one tea sippers?



Author: Kimberly Franklin