Nicole Murphy and Married Director Antoine Fuqua Spotted Kissing in Italy, Claims Kiss was Innocent

Baby, tea too hot! Nicole Murphy has been accused of breaking up a happy home. Allegedly sis was galavanting through Italy kissing married men on the lips.

According to somelikeithaute,

Actress Lela Rochon, who is best known for her role as Robin in ‘Waiting to Exhale’ reportedly DELETED her Instagram account Monday evening after photos of her husband, Antoine Fuqua, kissing Nicole Murphy KISSING IN ITALY surfaced online!

Antoine, who directed hit films such as ‘Training Day’ and ‘The Equalizer’ have been married for over 20 years and he has fathered 3 children outside of his marriage with the actress and pays over $10K in child support.☕️☕️

Though Nicole stated that it was a “friendly hello,” LisaRaye clocked her tea and called her out for being known to sleep with married men!!!

Lisa Raye even took the moment to call out Nicole and make claims that this isn’t her first time kissing a married man.

Tea sippers, do these photos look like a friendly kiss or nah? Comment below.



Author: kgfranklin