Jermaine Dupri Clears the Air about his Conversation with Jay Z

Jay Z has definitely ruffled a few feathers with his deal/partnership with the NFL. Many are still saying he disrespected Colin Kaepernick but others are saying it is just business. Also others are claiming he stole the same deal right from under Jermaine Dupri’s feet. Jermain Dupri finally speaks out about the situation.

The rumors sparked when Funk Flex suggested that he spoke to Dupri on the phone, and allegedly confirmed that Hova did tell him to refuse a partnership with the NFL.

Brian Cox and Funk Flex stirred up the confusion by making claims that Jay Z swiped the same deal from Jermaine.

Jermiane Dupri has finally opened up about the allegations and says the claims are false.



Author: Kimberly Franklin