She Own Women’s Association “Goal Getter Summit”

Tea sippers mark your calendar September 15th I’ll be hosting She Own Women’s Association “Goal Getters Summit “ Check out the panel below.

Speaker Tegan T. Rogers
She is the author of “Love Yourself to Wealth” which can be found on amazon. Ms. Rogers opened Poshecurities, LLC, a financial company, April 2018. She offers financial services, book keeping, taxes, financial consulting and budgeting.

Kalli Combs is the founder and owner of @socialpalkal . She is passionate about educating local business owners and entrepreneurs in how they can best utilize social media to grow their online or brick and mortar businesses. Her desire is to empower business owners and make a positive impact.

Ms. DANIELLE Bailey is a Alexandria native licensed therapist. She also offers Teen Support Groups as well as Study Groups. Ms. Bailey also teaches budget workshop



Author: Kimberly Franklin