Judge Joe Brown Tells Umar Johnson Putting Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill ‘Downs Masculinity’

Judge Joe Brown speaks his mind about Harriet Tubman possibly being the face on the $20 while sitting down with DR. Umar Johnson. Judge Brown states a black woman should not appear on currency before a black man because it is insulting.

He says;

“This movie is to soften the public up to the idea of taking a Black woman who freed slaves by leading them to freedom and getting her or another one like her on a $20 bill,” Brown said. “They can’t get a White woman, so they want a Black woman. They don’t care, they just want a woman, and it downs masculinity.”


He also added;

“The status of an ethnic group is determined by its men, not it’s women. And putting a Black woman on there before a Black man is insulting to the Black race because you’re saying the men ain’t worth a damn, you put a woman up there first.”


Even though the redesigning of the $20 bill has been pushed back until 2028, does this give Judge Joe Brown to have these feelings about Harriet Tubman being the face of the currency?

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Author: Kimberly Franklin