Alexis Skyy Defaults In Rent Case

Alexis Skyy made her debut on LHHATL’s season premiere this week, and sis made it very clear she only moved from NYC because her music career reallt wasn’t heading anywhere. But the word in the wind sis really tried to skip out on paying the rent she owed.

Somelikeithaute and hall the shade tea-sippers;

I’m being told that ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star and professional side chick, Alexis Skyy’s true reason for moving back to Atlanta may had been because of a “dire financial situation. 🤧💅🏾

During the Season 9 premiere of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’, Alexis stated that she moved back to ATL after being “conned” into believing her music career was about to take off, but it’s been discovered that Alexis owed almost $20,000 and has a default judgment against her for failing to respond to a civil suit accusing her of failing to pay the rent on a ritzy apartment in northern New Jersey.

The landlord of the Fort Lee Phase II Urban Renewal sued her for a total of $19,670 in back rent, arguing that Alexis hadn’t abided by the terms of her lease and had not paid up in months. Alexis never responded to the case, nor did she appear at trial in July and a judge found her guilty by default and ordered her to pay the landlord back.
The apartment complex, which is just outside of New York City and is also where Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena live. Interestingly Fetty Wap, WHO SHE THOUGHT WAS THE FATHER OF HER DAUGHTER, is also in the same complex.☕️☕️



Author: kgfranklin