Azeali Banks is not Protecting Industry Secrets Anymore; Alleges she Slept with Dave Chappelle

Azeali Banks had time today tea sippers! She said she is tired up protecting these celebs secrets if they are not going to stick their neck out and protect her. She airs out Busta Rhymes, Dave East, Dave Chappelle, and comes for Nicki Minaj.

Apparently Azeali witnessed Busta Rhymes get a little too handsy with someone’s cheeks and she also threatened to leak a song hey may have worked on together. In her IG story she said;

“When this quarantine is over imma f*ck a lot of y’all n*ggas summers up. Everybody getting violated…I got a long list of n*ggas who bout to get a surprise…@bustarhymes You first n*gga Clear the record before I expose you.”

Azeali did not stop there. She called Dave East out for charging her 25k for a verse. She says he does not have the credentials to charge so much when he sits home eating “pork fried rice” every day.


The ultimate tea she spilled was about her and MARRIED comedian Dave Chappelle intimate relationship;

“It’s a lot of tea that I be wanting to spill on y’all Black n*ggas, especially when y’all be seeing me getting attacked in the media and sh*t, and y’all don’t come to my rescue and sh*t like that. Like, Dave Chappelle- I should ruin your f*cking marriage. I should ruin your f*cking marriage. I should tell the f*cking world that we f*cked. That we f*cked!…I should tell the whole f*cking world that we f*cked! ‘Cause y’all n*ggas don’t look out for me, so what the f*ck I’m keeping secrets for y’all n*ggas for? What the f*ck I’m keeping secrets for y’all n*ggas for?”


According to Azealia she’d definitely ride that ride one more time;

“You got some good d*ck, n*gga!…No, Dave Chappelle can f*ck me again. That was some good Black d*ck. That was some good, strong, Manding’…and that n*gga’s a legend- like, yes. Gimme that f*cking legend energy! I will snatch that sh*t right out!”

She finally calls out Nicki Minaj for not addressing the madness around Doja Cat. Azealia claims Nicki is being a hypocrite since she went so hard to call out Cardi B and how Cardi’s antics can be bad for black women.


Watch the full video below.



Author: kgfranklin