Jada Pinkett Smith Refers to her Relationship with August Alsina as an “Entanglement” at the Red Table

We have all been waiting to hear Jada Pinkett and Will Smith’s reaction to August Alsina allegations about his relationship with Jada.

According to somelikeithaute;

Y’allllllllllllllll Jada Pinkett Smith kept her word and brought herself, along with husband Will Smith, to the red table where she not only CONFIRMED THAT SHE AND AUGUST WERE INDEED IN A RELATIONSHIP, but also stated that at the time, she and Will were DONE and Will wanted her out of the house!
Jada made it clear that Will didn’t “give permission,” as August said — but she believes August interpreted it that way because she and Will were separated. They mostly beat around the bush but they also “confirmed” Will’s relationship with Heidy De La Rosa.
While I appreciate her for admitting it, I dont like how she’s making it seem like August didnt matter and that she was literally using him to hurt Will.

Watch the ENTANGLEMENT below.



Author: kgfranklin