Jeffree Star’s new Mystery Boyfriend Revealed

Chile the last thing I’ve heard about Jeffree Star was a sad apology from some racists remarks. Maybe that apology was sincere because Jeffree popped on social media with a new boo, who also was black.

Chile according to somelikeithaute;

Jeffree Star has got himself a new man. A BLACK man at that. Chile, ET took to social media over the weekend hugged and dressed in a Louis Vuitton duffel bag with a mystery man. Well the people of Twitter along with several blogs got in the respective mystery machines and did some digging. It turns out that the mystery man is a baller named André Marhold. Moments ago, Predator confirmed that he is indeed dating André by sharing a few photos of them together enjoying some fun in the sun.

The two are definitely enjoying each other’s company while in Wyoming celebrating Jeffree’s makeup line “Orgy’s” launch.

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Author: kgfranklin