David Banner Involved in Fatal Car Accident; Family of Driver Speaks Out

Rapper David Banner has found himself in a bit of hot water. The rapper is being accused of vehicular homicide just days after posting an encriptyic post about a car incident. A man’s family has spoken out to get justice.

David Banner took to his IG sharing with fans a picture of a wrecked vehicle. The picture or caption only gives fans a glimpse into the situation. Banner captions the photo, “People think they know but have no idea. I still have a concussion.”

After receiving many condolences, get well post and more from the fans, the family of Jeremy Evans began to speak out making claims Banner was responsible for their brother’s death. The family made statements saying;

“A lot of you may not know but my brother Jeremy Evans was and a fatal car accident on December29 2019 he was a the Toyota and the other driver @davidbanner was in that truck the police are trying to give my brother fault for the accident and saying speeding didn’t play a factor my brother was hit from the side if speed didn’t play a factor why does both vehicles look like this if sleep if speed didn’t play a factor how much my brother died on impact but it’s all just a big cover because of who @davidbanner is but now it’s time for the truth to come to light”???#justiceforjeremy#explorepage #Thetruth”

The family also shared a few more pictures from the accident as well.

The family also shared Jeremy just came home from jail after serving ten years.

Very little detail from the incident has been revealed but the family is definitely seeking justice for their brother. Banner has since deleted his post and has been quiet about the incident. Hopefully, the David Banner we’ve all known for years is working behind the scenes to make the situation right. What are your thoughts, tea sippers?



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