Shad Moss Reveals Son

Just a week after sharing some interesting lyrics about a son, Shad Moss takes to his IG to share a picture of the beautiful baby boy. In the released freestyle, Shad says;

“I’m looking in his eyes, I’m tryna see me in them, I’m peeping out his swag and I see the resemblance. Seen the boy 3 times, sh*t why would I lie. Baby moms’ll bring him through just so we spend some time. If he mine, sh*t you know I’m steppin’ up. Kobe set that example, you know I send my blessings up. I told you dealing with me, gone be hard to do, we both caught in this storm, but we gone make it through.”

Listen to the clip below.

Now the baby mama appears to be another artist by the name Olivia Sky. She shared a few photos of their son a few months ago. Check out her pictures below.

Chile Bow Wow just take care of your responsibilities.



Author: kgfranklin