Rapper Mo3 Passes Away

With a heavy head, I report Texas RapperĀ  Mo3, Melvin Noble, has passed away. The Dallas rapper shot in broad daylight while riding on RL Thornton Freeway in traffic. Videos began floating around, paramedics were seen on the scene performing CPR on the rapper. Check it out here

According to reports;

Our sources say the fatal shooting went down like this … the gunman and Mo3 were both traveling northbound on I-35 when the trigger man got out of his car and approached Mo3’s. The rapper got out of his car and started running, with the gunman giving chase, firing multiple rounds and hitting Mo3 in the back of the head.

We’re told the gunman also shot an innocent bystander who was sitting in his vehicle, and the second gunshot victim was transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
This is not Mo3’s first altercation with internet and street beef. In December to the artist took to IG showcasing he had been shot in his head but still survived.

Details are sparse at the moment but check back here for more updates tea sippers.



Author: kgfranklin