An Act of Kindness Leads to New Nonprofit Organization

In the continuing efforts to change our communities here in Alexandria, Louisiana, Devin Hinkston story is standing out.

While driving Devin spotted a young man, by the name of Jeremiah, who was playing basketball in his driveway but using a trash can as the basketball hoop. Devin immediately went to the store to purchase a brand new basketball goal for him.

Jeremiah was in the process of practicing for is next game for Upward Basketball which later he lead the team to victory. In recent interviews Devin was asked about his random act of kindness he said;

“I always do [random acts of kindness], I’ll see kids in the corner store and I’ll buy all of them something to snack on. I’ll see a homeless person and buy them a bomber jacket or some food. I just never post about it on social media because that’s not the reason I’m doing it. I do it from the heart.”

Upon receiving the goal Jeremiah and his grandmother Patricia Williams were elated about the goal. She took to her Facebook to share with family about the purchase. The post blew up with close to 20,000 shares. Leading to interviews with Good Morning American, Kelly Clarkston, People Magazine and many more.

Jeremiah loves the goal as much as he loves playing basketball with the Upward basketball program with hopes to be like his favorite player is LeBron James.

Devin’s action won’t stop there. He plans to launch a nonprofit organization alongside Jeremiah, “Jeremiah’s Dream.” The two want to continue to offer more to our city youth.



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