• The #ALSIceBucketChallenge

    Since my last posting, the Ice Challenge has grown legs and made its way to the celebrity world. The ALS are holding celebrities accountable by starting their own Ice Challenge […]

  • Space Monkey Challenge

    Another week, another challenge. The latest craze to hit Facebook is the Space Monkey Challenge. Sounds interesting? Well it is dangerous. Teenagers across the nation are joining in on this […]

  • What is the Ice Challenge

    By now you know I stay lurked out on all social media outlets, only way for me to #CatchTheTea. So while scrolling through Facebook I have saw several Ice Challenge […]

  • #SnowChallenge

    Have you heard of the #SnowChallenge? With weather conditions being real brutal and freezing. People who are snowed in across the nation have implemented a crazy challenge via Instagram, the […]

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