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  • Kanye, Tell em Why You Mad

    Obviously Kanye does not know how handle his alcohol, because every time Kanye hits the bottle he rants and raves.Last night at Pusha T’s listening party for his upcoming album, […]

  • Gucci About To Scrap In Lennox

    Gucci Mane does it again. In the middle of Atlanta’s Lennox mall  Gucci gets into it with one of his rivals. According to the person filming, Gucci tried to run […]

  • “Diary Of A Trap God” – Gucci Mane

    Gucci Mane has been the hot topic for the week! After doing a tell all twitter rant, Gucci claims his twitter account was hacked. He  releases his new album “Diary […]

  • DJ Mister Cee Resigns From Hot 97

    DJ Mister Cee resigned from Hot 97, after Bimbo Winehouse set the  Internet on firewith audio of Mister Cee soliciting his services. Watch the video below Mister Cee took to the […]

  • Say Dat Then – Gucci Mane

    Gucci Mane has been having the Internet going nuts for the past couple of days. Of course a new song follows the madness. Check out his latest song “Say Dat […]

  • “White Girl Twerk Fail” a HOAX

    Last Friday a video went viral “White Girl Twerk Fail”, where the girl twerking alone in her apartment sets herself on fire? I had watch the video so much that […]

  • #QTNA : Do you think Gucci Man Twitter rants are all just for promotion?

  • DMX Runs Naked Through Hotel Hallway

    DMX was in Detroit last weekend. He decides to run in his hotel’s hallway in his birthday suit, naked!  Of Course there is some footage! In the video DMX  is […]

  • OOH KILL EM’ (Kendrick Lamar Response) – Meek Mill

    We all knew it was coming. Meek Mill has made a response record to Kendrick Lamar, “OOH KILL EM'”. With a little inspiration from Vine Famous Terio, Meek is raising […]

  • Gucci Mane VS Waka Flocka Twitter Rants

    Frenchie – Sometimes (Gucci Mane Diss) Twitter is often used as a public battle ground for rap issues. On Saturday, the boiling tensions within the Brick Squad camp boiled over. […]

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