#CatchTheTea With A Tru Lady: Kevin Gates talks Heartbreak, #IDGT Movement, and his “Aubella”

Louisiana’s own Kevin Gates was in town for his concert at A Town West. I had a chance to sit down with the  2014 XXL Freshman. This felt more of  a conversation than an interview. Gates talks depression, heartbreak,breaks down where the  “I Don’t Get Tired”  movement began, and so much more.

Gates expressed how much his Aubella, grandmother in Spanish, truly meant to him. He explains the reasoning behind the Instagram post of him covering her mouth. People took his gesture out of context when he was merely was showing respect for his “Aubella”.

Kevin Gates really embraces his imperfections in his music and feels once he puts his flaws on the table, he is perfect. He makes the analogy between a man and a woman  accepting one another for who they are, but try to change each other. He expresses his thoughts about judgement passed by one another.

Kevin also touches on how he was slept on before making the  2014 XXL freshman list and how people were “WOW’d” by his intelligence. He would “rather be admire from a distance.”

Check out the clip below. Watch footage from his concert here.