2 Chainz Grosses nearly $2 MILLION in Dabbin’ Santa Sweater Sales

Hittin the dab has become the new sensation this year. Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz took advantage of the dabbin’ wave and released his hottest holiday sweater. The sweater is play on the ugly sweater trend with a Santa Clause on the front dabbin’.


After assembling a team of 70 to assist him in giving life to his sweater, 2 Chainz reportedly grossed nearly $2 MILLION in revenue thanks to his fans and the help of his celebrity homies.

2 Chainz not only benefitted from the sweaters but he gave back to those in need as well. He sits down with Forbes and says;

“We made close to $2 million in revenue. I had a numerous amount of celebrities helping with the shirt. It was on the NFL, it was on TNT, it was on Good Morning America, it’s on ESPN . So I could not continue receiving those blessings without giving back at the end of the day.”

Though dabbin’ is the latest dance. 2 Chainz claims to have sculpted the idea for a Christmas sweaters years ago.

“I don’t want people to think this was an overnight success. We’ve been trying with a bunch of designs for a couple years now,” he said. “This is just timing meets opportunity. There’s the whole dab thing, and Atlanta’s always been somewhere that actually moves the culture a little bit. We have been the backbone of hip-hop for the past couple years. So with dabbing coming out of Atlanta, it just began to grow legs and start moving on its own.”