#CatchTheTea With A Tru Lady: Larissa (Bootz) Talks Flavor of Love, Claudia Jordan and More

We all know and remember Larissa Aurora as Bootz from the hit reality show “Flavor of Love.” 10 years after the show I had a chance to catch up with the once reality star. Bootz talks about an accident that caused her to no longer pursue her career in television. She is not allowing that to stop her and she continues to go to school and raise her two adorable children.


Larissa had a feisty attitude on the Flavor of Love Show, where she was not afraid to speak her mind. That attitude landed her on Monique’s once popular show “Charm School.” Weekly viewers watched Larissa and Monique go head to head, even until the last moment of her being expelled. Larissa speaks about her and Monique crossing paths after the show and still no words were spoken between the two.

I asked Larissa about her once prominent friendship between her and Shay, aka Buckey, and she says the two are still not speaking after a second falling out. Out of all the ladies from the show she is still in contact with Saaphyri on a weekly basis.

Larissa wanted to address one Real Housewife in particular, Claudia Jordan. Larissa says Claudia had much to say about her doing reality tv, making claims that Bootz was a “hood rat” for being a part of reality television. Oh how the tables have turned.

Larissa says she only enjoys the women who keep it real on reality television and names her favs; Tanisha Thomas, Natalie  Nunn, Tiara Hodge all from  The Bad Girls Club and  Joseline Henandez from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta


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