#CatchTheTea With A Tru Lady: Nino Brown Talks The Kardashians, DJ Khaled and More

In the midst of the drama of Blac Chyna nd Rob Kardashian, video of Florida rapper Nino Brown began to surface of him talking about the Kardashian Family. In the video Nino claims the woman are unlucky and ruining the black male. Watch below.

According to Nino he received word from Kim Kardashian herself to take the video down because she felt it to be disrespectful to her family


I had a chance to have a phone conversation with Nino Brow. He lets it be known he is not scared of the Kardashian clan.


Nino talks about the real reason Trick Daddy came for him on Facebook a few months back.

Nino says Trick Daddy is just a hater. He is just happy about the free promotion


Nino Brown talks about the reason for attacking the Kardashians.. He says he respects their hustle but can not appreciate their morals and values the family portrays to the world. In the midst of speaking on the Kardashians robbing the culture, Nino refers to DJ Khaled and claims he is a “culture vulture” as well.

Listen to the interview below