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Boosie’s Bank Account Hacked By Brother; Taquari Hatch Responds 

Who needs enemies when family will mess you over. According to reports rapper Boosie’s own brother took well over $300,000 from his account.

TMZ spills the tea;

TMZ broke the story … the rapper said someone siphoned dough from his Capital One account and made a bunch of transactions. Now we’ve obtained the police report, which says Boosie’s bro, Taquari Hatch, made more than a dozen wire transfers to different people … who would then give him cash. Cops say he once sent as much as $80k in one transfer.

According to docs, Taquari even posed as Boosie while on the phone with Capital One customer service, but blew his cover when he mentioned having a wife … which Boosie does not. We’re told that set off alarms for the fraud department.

Taquari was arrested last week and booked for identity theft and fraud charges.

A few days ago Boosie made a post acknowledging real family 

Taquari did respond watch below 

Catch The Tea Ep. 28 No Feelings No Walls

Every week A Tru Lady spills the tea on air but she is taking tea spilling to another level with #CatchTheTea Podcast. A Tru Lady speaks her mind, and she has no filters. A Tru Lady sits down with guest weekly to talk about pop culture, answer listeners letters, and more.

A Tru Lady and friends disucss and viral video clip about not trusting men or women who are living single with no children. Check it out below.

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Amber Rose Addresses The Backlash She’s Receiving From Her Drink Champs Interview (Full)

A few weeks back Amber Rose sat down with Noreaga on his podcast “Drink Champs” where she was telling her story and where she comes from and how she started out dancing.

In the interview Amber Rose mentions about how growing up beautiful girls were scarce in Philly. Her statement soon backfired and she had to respond. Not only did she address her “Drink Champs” interview but also her picture with Joe Budden.


She closed the video out by confessing her love for 21 Savage. Watch the entire response below

Z-Ro Arrested for Assault on Ex Girlfriend

The Mo City Don found himself behind bars due to a physical altercation that turned bad between him and ex girl friend Just Brittany. The news came as a bit of a shocker for fans. According to reports the couple had a physical altercation about three months ago that lead to Z Ro beating on Brittany for over two hours.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the ex, rapper Just Brittany, reported the incident Monday to Harris County cops, but said it actually happened back in April. It’s unclear why she waited 3 months to report it, but we’re told Brittany played cops recorded audio of the alleged incident.
Sources say cops wrote up a report and immediately sent it to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, which determined it was enough to arrest the Houston icon Wednesday and charge him with felony aggravated assault. He’s being held without bond.

Check out the mugshot below.

What are your thoughts tea sippers? Comment below.

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Catch The Tea After Dark With Mr Bow Bow Bow

Weekly A Tru Lady is joined guest cohost for #CatchTheTea After Dark live Facebook show, where they discuss an array of pop culture topics. No topic is off the limits!


Alexandria’s own Mr Bow Bow Bow spills the tea with A Tru Lady. The two give their own opinions on all the hot topics; Drake retiring stripper, Rick Ross not signing a female rapper to MMG, and so much more. The two even speak on those list going around their hometown. Watch the show below tea sippers.

#AskALady “Ass.U.Me”

Every week I take the chance to answer some tea sippers questions on my #CatchTheTea Podcast and #CatchTheTeaAfterDark. The questions are always quite interesting. Not only do I give my feedback but my guest co host answer the questions as well.

I’m trying something new. I teamed up with Eminence Photography & Videography with bringing the actual letter to life. This week’s letter comes from Concerned Friend ;

Please Keep my anonymous BUT A Tru Lady I heard you give side chick advice so I need your help. My best friend came into town for a weekend. Instead of her waiting until I got off work to come to my house she was already there when I got home, waiting with my husband. These two have always been close but this bothered me. I walk into our home and I hear the two of them laughing and carrying on. I walk through the house to find them and they were in our bedroom sitting on our bed. Now I didn’t see anything inappropriate but it felt wrong. It has been bothering me what do I do.

Check out the reenactment of this letter below.

Filming: Eminence Photography & Videography
Editing: Vintvge Prints

Mel: Myka S.
Mel’s Husband: Chico H
Mercedes: Annette
Coworker 1: Jae F

Coworker 2: Kawonda .
Coworker 3: Javon
Coworker 4: Jasmine J
Coworker 1: Jae F

Watch Below


Love , Sounds , & Rendezvous

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K. Michelle Gets “K. Michelle Day” In Houston, Killa Kyleon Responds

Just a few days after Tre Day, R & B artist K Michelle has been awarded her own day in Houston Texas. Today(July 25) officially became “K. Michelle Day” in H Town. Congratulations to her. She took to her IG with a clip of her receiving the honor in Houston on Instagram today saying:

“I am definitely honored to have my very own Kmichelle day in Houston. So many amazing things have happened this year. Being honored by my alma mater, “Florida A&M University” was also and amazing feeling. I’ve come a long way. Im grateful for every break in my heart. Thanks so much to the city of Houston for making July 16 officially K.michelle day in Houston. I can’t say thank you enough.”

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A few artist are not feeling the fact that K Michelle has been issued a day, claiming Beyonce doesn’t have her own day. Check it out below.

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What are your thoughts tea sippers? Comment below.

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Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love Hip Hop Hollywood #LHHH Season 4 Ep. 1, Twitter Reacts

Love and Hip Hip Hollywood returns in full force. The season premiere did not skip a beat with fake furs, fights, orchestrated events and more! Clearly “Girl Fight” was the perfect title for this episode because Hazel E was caught up in a few incidents, Brooke Valentine’s story line is introduced and she is happily in love with a married man. Keyshia Cole and Booby have co-parenting down to a science because the two are roommates.. Check out my Top 5 ratchet moments below.

Keyshia Cole and Booby live together but aren’t in a relationship

Moneice had a new bew, she’s taking a dip in the lady pond

Hazel E and Masika have an altercation at Hazel’s Women Empowerment Event

Alexis Skyy Is On The Hunt For Masika

Brooke confronts Marcus about not finalizing his divorce

Check out Twitter reactions

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Spodee and Young Dro Back in Forth on Instagram about Gun Charge

Young Dro and Spodee still are not on good terms all because of gun charges .

Back in August 2016 Dro was arrested in Statesboro, GA. for a handful of charges that included possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a weapon in a school safety zone, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The arrest ultimately ended with jail time, and Dro cleared up the matter claiming Spodee was at fault. Spodee says otherwise. The Case is still pending.

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