#AskALady “Ass.U.Me”

Every week I take the chance to answer some tea sippers questions on my #CatchTheTea Podcast and #CatchTheTeaAfterDark. The questions are always quite interesting. Not only do I give my feedback but my guest co host answer the questions as well.

I’m trying something new. I teamed up with Eminence Photography & Videography with bringing the actual letter to life. This week’s letter comes from Concerned Friend ;

Please Keep my anonymous BUT A Tru Lady I heard you give side chick advice so I need your help. My best friend came into town for a weekend. Instead of her waiting until I got off work to come to my house she was already there when I got home, waiting with my husband. These two have always been close but this bothered me. I walk into our home and I hear the two of them laughing and carrying on. I walk through the house to find them and they were in our bedroom sitting on our bed. Now I didn’t see anything inappropriate but it felt wrong. It has been bothering me what do I do.

Check out the reenactment of this letter below.

Filming: Eminence Photography & Videography
Editing: Vintvge Prints

Mel: Myka S.
Mel’s Husband: Chico H
Mercedes: Annette
Coworker 1: Jae F

Coworker 2: Kawonda .
Coworker 3: Javon
Coworker 4: Jasmine J
Coworker 1: Jae F

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