#AskALady “Pregnant for the Wrong Man”

Every week I take the chance to answer some tea sippers questions on my #CatchTheTea Podcast and #CatchTheTeaAfterDark. The questions are always quite interesting. Not only do I give my feedback but my guest co host answer the questions as well.

This week’s letter is from Veronica T.;

Girl Tru Lady I’m feeling really low right now….I recently found out I was pregnant…going on 3 mo. All my life I didn’t think I can have children because of a few issues with me so this child is a blessing But my child was conceived with the wrong person. I’ve been sleeping with this man for over a year and he is married. Yes I made the conscious decision to sleep around with him and he felt comfortable sleeping with me because I said I couldn’t have children. Now at this point I’m pregnant and I’m scared to tell him because I think he’s going to put up a fight. I want this child. I mean all my life I thought I couldn’t have a child of my own I accepted this but I was also hurt by this. At the age 35 I have an opportunity to have a child. What can I do? Is it sad that I am mentally preparing to have this baby alone and raise my child alone. Just give me a bit of advice.

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