#AskALady: “She Paid my way through school, But I don’t want her anymore “

Every week I take the chance to answer some tea sippers questions on my #CatchTheTea Podcast and #CatchTheTeaAfterDark. The questions are always quite interesting. Not only do I give my feedback but my guest co host answer the questions as well.

This week’s letter is from Jay B.;

Dear Tru Lady

I wanna leave my girl but there are so many strings attached. When started dating about 3 years ago. I was at my lowest and my girl helped me. She put me through welding classes at I’ve been getting to the bag. But I’m not happy with her. I work hard to make up for her helping but it doesn’t matter. She always throwing what she did for me in my face. I take away jobs to be away from her. I want to leave but I still feel obligated after all she’s done for me. Help me make this decision.

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