What’s Tea: IG Model Shamartess Explains How Future Left Her Stranded

On a good ol’ Sunday evening IG model Shamartess decided to spill her tea. Allegedly she has been communicating with rapper Future since mid March. According to Shamartess, Future assumed he would get the cakes and smash until she told him sex was a no go. Check Shamartess story below.


Here are the screenshots from their conversations where Future agreed to flyer her out to Miami for the entire weekend.


Now all these texts are alleged because we all know anybody can save any number as “Future” in their contacts. Sis claims she just wanted to chill and hang out with Future and once he found out sex was not in the equation he cancelled her room and did not pay her back for her airfare. Now in a tweet and delete Future said if you’re coming to the room you already know what time it is. YIKES

Tea sippers should she have expected to give up the goods to the rapper or nah? Comment below.

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