The Beautea: Shekinah Jo Calls out Da Real BB Judy

#CatchTheTea The Beautea: Shekinah Jo Calls out Da Real BB Judy

The tea is too hot on social media, a viral clip has made things a bit personal for a few social media influences. Atlanta beautician Shekinah Jo has been going live on a daily with all her followers and giving advice on life, health, and beauty. A clip from her live went viral when one lady was apparently missing edges. In the clip the young lady made a reference to using Kaleidoscope hair products to help repair her hair damage. Check it out below
Of course Judy being the giving person she is caught wind of the clip and decided to fly the young lady out to New Orleans and gift her a makeover. Check it out below.
Judy’s blessing went left and took an ugly turn. Shekinah took to her live joined by the young lady who was flown out. The young lady then begin to say there was a bunch of mess around the situation. She told Shekinah how Judy was trash talking her behind her back. In the midst of “spillin the tea,” not only does the young lady bring up Judy but she mentions Supa Cent, Tokoyo and more.
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