Rod Wave Deletes His Twitter, Says He’s Quitting Music

Florida rapper Rod Wave has had quite an impactful 2019. He warmed the hearts of many because of his relatable story in his raps on his hottest single ” Heart On Ice.” The single created so much traction for Rod that he was able to acquire features from Lil Durk and Kevin Gates. But with fame comes public opinion, which most can’t handle.

In a series of tweets Rod Wave says he is quitting the music industry and going back to his comfort zone, the streets. He doesn’t care for others making fun of his real life tragidies.

Many fans were left confused as to why he was calling it quits.

After much diggin’ around, there was a viral post on social media that mimics his single “Heart on Ice.” While making Thanksgiving jokes people were singing their pains about messing up the holiday’s dinner.

Artist are known to be sensitve about their work but did Rod Wave take it too far or nah tea sippers? Comment below.



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