Supa Cent Addresses Lou and his “Unfit Parent” Claims

WHEW CHILE Tea sippers get into this tea!

Crayon Case owner Supa Cent took to her IG to publicly address her ex-fiance Lou when he took to IG make claims she was an unfit mother.

Let me catch you all up, Supa and Lou ended their relationship after reports of Lou allegedly cheating on her with a teenage girl. The messages hit social media where Lou appears to be okay with having an 18 year old “Juvie” on the side. Also claims were made that the girl told Lou on the phone that she was actually 17! After the screenshots started flying Supa took to her IG saying,“True or False. I’m not bout to stick around to find out, Outta here.”


Fast forward Lou and Supa have both moved on from one another and are in other relationships. Supa took to IG to share her new boo with a message;

I told myself I was going to date and be open to anything good that comes my way! IDC what happened in the past. No man is about to keep me on from moving on and loving again.

I’m not mad at Supa for moving right along but Lou took to his IG making claims that Supa is unfit and let him watch his child, as seen in the screen shot above. Supa also took to her IG with her own screenshots.

Supposedly there’s video footage of Supa’s new boo and her baby girl Lea, but I can not confirm or deny those allegations. Either way after Lou made those unfit claims Supa took to her IG live to read Lou for pure filth! Watch below.



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