Crayon Case, Cota Skin and other Business Owners Bless Small Business Owners with 20k

The positive moments on Clubhouse never seem to circulate on social media as fast as the salacious headlines. Imagine waiting in line for your moment to give your elevator pitch to heavy influencers that can possibly change your life. Clothing brand Sophia Savage received her blessing while on the Clubhouse app.

Crayon Case owner Supa Cent and beauty entrepreneur Bee Marie host a “New Goals & Strategies for 2021” business room. The two were joined by serial entrepreneur Melika Honore, Kaleidoscope CEO Jesseca Dupart, Waistgang Society Premadonna, Hawk Media’s Erik Huberman, Adwizar Ceo Spectacular, Patrick Finnegan, and many more. The room was set up for various entrepreneurs to ask these heavy hitters questions about scaling, promoting, and launching their business. The room was filled with various stories about their trials, tribulations, vulnerabilities, and more. One particular story stood out amongst many, Stacey Grenan.

Stacey shared her story about her new fashion brand, Sophia Savvage, which she launched with her sister Symoun Singh in 2020. Her brand “expresses her strength through her presence and style and unapologetically requires every woman who wears her pieces to find their strength and courage in their stride and their speech.” Stacey took to the Clubhouse stage discouraged, wondering what she could possibly be doing wrong.

In the midst of sharing her story, all 5000 entrepreneurs in the room were checking out Stacey’s site causing her site to sell out in a matter of moments. Scrolling through her site Sophia Savvage showcases quite a few quality pieces. Check my favs out below.

Moderators began to pour into Stacey’s business as she made the announcement about being completely sold out. According to Stacey, she started the evening out with $123 in sales and by the middle of the night, her sales were at a little over $6,000.

Not only was Stacey blessed but the moderators gave out well over $16,000 to others in the room. A few other entrepreneurs reap the blessings as well. They received connections to vendors, products, books that can grow their brands, and most importantly prayers and words of encouragement from Premadonna. According to Patrick Finnegan, they will continue to curate rooms of this nature and continue to give away small business grants to other entrepreneurs in need.