Wendy Williams Responds to her brother’s Viral Video Calling her Out (VIDEO)

Grief will always shake a family. Wendy Williams lost her mother. The family has since buried the matriarch of the family but Wendy’s brother was not pleased with her absence. Tommy Williams took to IG expressing his thoughts about the passing of his mother. He also claims Wendy did not attend their mother’s funeral saying;

” I don’t understand how a person can miss out on giving a salute to the one person who is always there, who always showed support. I don’t understand how a person cannot go to a funeral and hold up the one person or the family member that you do have, the parent that you do have left, and just move on. Keep it moving. I don’t understand how to keep living somebody who could cause that type of pain.”

Watch the video below.

Wendy took to her show to addresses the video that his now gone viral saying;

“Tommy, let me tell you something right now. All you are is my brother. You better stop talking the way you’re talking, because now it’s dripping into my comment page. I wasn’t searching for Tommy. I was simply looking about how people felt about last week’s shows, or the dresses, or the guests we had on, we do a nice production here. I’m minding my business, and I’m seeing comments about ‘Your brother doesn’t like you,’ or ‘you better watch your back because your brother’s on one. Wendy, I can’t believe you’re this kind of person.’”

Wendy went on to say:

“He’s pegging me to be a person I’m not. Honey, you don’t want me to start pegging you to be the person that you are, with full-blown receipts. I could fill the audience with receipts, with the leftovers all the way around the block… You are my brother, let’s keep it that way. If you want to talk on the internet, you talk about the things you think you know about yourself. You don’t wanna talk about the things that I know about you, for sure.”

Wendy could not believe she was addressing her family issues via her show, after so many years of staying quiet.

“I don’t believe that I’m actually voicing my opinion I’ve been holding back for years, oh years; but had no reason to say anything, because what’s to say. But now I’m seeing he’s saying things.”

It wouldn’t be Wendy if she did not directly address her brother saying;

“You and your wife, better get your life, before I get it for you.”



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