Gunna Release Birthday Post From Prison

YSL label as a collective are still behind bars on current RICO charges, but rapper Gunna chose to speak out for the very first time since being denied bond by a court judge.

In order to celebrate his 29th birthday Gunna shares his experience in prison and reminisces on his success in 2022 writing;

“2022 has been one of the best years of my life, despite this difficult situation. This year I had the whole world pushing P.For now, I don’t have my freedom. But I am innocent. I am being falsely accused and will never stop fighting to clear my name!”

Gunna continues to write:

“The picture that is being painted of me is ugly and untrue….As a Back Man in America, it seems as though my art is only acceptable when I’m a source of entertainment for the masses. My art is not allowed to stand alone as entertainment, I’m not allowed that freedom as a Black Man in America.”

This situation may appear bleak for the College Park native, but Gunna ends his note in good spirits saying:

“We still pushing P: Power, Prayer, Progress, Passion, Productivity, Praise, Precision, Peace, Prosperity, Patience, Pride, and Persistence.”

Gunna trial date is set for 2023.