The Wendy Williams Officially Ending After 13 Years

In some not-so-shocking news, “The Wendy Williams” show has officially been given an actual farewell date after thirteen long years. Wendy has not been physically hosting the show this last season due to health issues. During Wendy’s absences producers kept a rotation of special guest hosts.

This upcoming Friday, June 17th, the last and final episode of the show airs WITHOUT Wendy Williams herself. In the midst of Wendy’s absence a visual montage celebrating the television show’s iconic run. The show producers are hesitant to have Wendy on the show. Allegedly the producers feel ” iffy about bringing Williams back for a final episode due to her recent erratic behavior.” Not only is Williams suffering from Graves’s disease but the word in the wind she’s been having mental health issues as well.

Producers chose Sherri Shepherd to host the show until it comes to a close. Her own show, “Sherri” launches in the same time slot as “The Wendy Williams Show” this fall.