A New Black Holiday Film “Christmas Holidate”

Tis the season that Christmas comes to an end, but not without a new Black holiday film.Jasmine Burke and Gregory Alan Williams team up together for a new Holiday movie for our families to enjoy.

The Saints and Sinner’s actress Jasmine Burke spills the tea on the importance of family connection this holiday season. She’s joined by her costars Iroko Anyogu, and Matalie W. Baker of “Christmas Holidate,”. They all speak on the importance of love, family forgiveness, and working towards your dream.

When asked how she relates to her character Holli, Jasmine says;

I love love. I believe we all deserve love. I believe there’s love out here for every single person on the planet. And I really connected with her, in that motivation just really wanting to see everybody have love.

Iroko speaks on the value of family saying;

“If you have anything going on with your family or anything like that its like life is too short or you to just hold on to those grudges. So like watching this film, You’ll see that and be like you know maybe I should reach out to that cousin or family member.”

He says those actions can bring back the African American family back together.

Castmate Natalie emphasizes the importance of chasing your dream saying;

The cast even had time to play #CTTJeopardy. Watch the entire interview with A Tru Lady below.