ShhParty Creator Highlights the App’s Share Revenue Model

Do you want to make money while you party? Dr. Patrica Marsh is giving users that option while they use her latest creation, the Shhparty app.

Shhparty is a brand-new social media entertainment platform for creators to showcase their talents and cash out. You can make money with virtual and in-person parties. Selling tickets and collecting tips all in one place, “the Party App for everyone.”

In recent interview with A Tru Lady, Dr. Patricia says Shhparty is a platform sewing into creatives economically. When asked why is Shhparty important for the culture she says;

Right now the paradigm that we see with social media is that they do a lot of user exploitation. They use your data they make billions and profits and you see none of that.

She continues to explain the importance of ShhParty’s revenue share;

My people needed to be economically empowered. So we do a revenue share. So now we’re gonna have features where if you want to share your data you can make money and you don’t have to be on the app to share your data and receive those funds, but it’s going to be very very unique with the shared revenue model.

Our favorite social media platforms utilize our daily information, translating our data into dollars for themselves. These platforms accrue billions of ad revenue, that we never see. Dr. Patricia’s revenue model is unique and is designed to help people put food on the table and gas in the car.

Watch the entire interview below

Tea sippers are you going to start your party to make some extra coins? Download the Shhparty app and start your party today!